Submitting to the Author Directory is free, but if you want to submit a link, please follow these instructions or the submission will be ignored.  To be included in our directory the authors must:

  1. Be a human being
  2. Be active – Authors that become inactive for more than 6 months will be removed
  3. Demonstrate quality
  4. Produce content that is consistent, useful, informative and / or engaging
  5. Not push “get rich” schemes by using cryptocurrency
  6. Not focus solely on the minutiae of cryptocurrency movements or prices
  7. Not produce content that calls for violence or child exploitation
  8. Not engage in spam
  9. Not engage in doxxing
  10. Not plagiarize or engage in piracy

If you are a business, the authors must also:

  1. Be able to accept Steem or Steem Dollars via a payment processor directly through their own website.

If you can follow those rules, feel free to submit.


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